Friday, January 8, 2016

Swankiss Dreamy Book ♥ Review, Scans and Tutorials

Hi there! How was everyone's week? This post will be about the Swankiss Dreamy Book I've got lately.

Swankiss is one of my favorite brands. I don't really see myself pulling off the full OTT Swankiss look, but the dream-come-true feel of this brand really inspires me. For me it's about girls making their own rules and living freely.  The silhouettes and motifs also remind me of the character Mikako from Gokinjo Monogatari, which is my favorite manga!

The Book looks more like a magazine, and comes with this sweet tote bag. Saaya Hayashida, the brand's producer, has filled the book with useful tutorials and inspirational content. 


The first few pages feature Nakamura Risa, which is delightful ♥ I love her bitter-sweet look with the elaborate Swankiss attire. 

swankiss princess

breathtaking double spread


It goes on reviewing some of Swankiss' past collections:

Yui kanno in Strawberry cream soda (strawberry motifs!)

Sayaka Kanda in Fairytale Princess (I just love her black hair and edgy look with Swankiss)

Monaca Nishi (she's growing on me lately) in fallin' love love
Sayaka Kanda and Risa Nakamura's collaboration pieces
And this precious Risa paper doll stole my heart... ♥

The next part features Saaya Hayashida, Swankiss' producer. Lots of tutorials and guides on how to become the perfect Swankiss girl.

♥Hairstyles for various lengths♥

♥Makeup looks♥

♥Nail collections! Major inspiration♥


The book has lots of content I didn't cover, so I really recommend ordering it if your'e a Swankiss fan. I just wish it would feature Hikapu, which is a shop staff girl at Swankiss. I love her to death! as said the book also comes with this sweet tote bag ♥ you can find it on

that's it for the review!


This week was kinda boring, but I went to town to do some shopping <3 the next week I'm gonna spend in my home country, Israel, and hopefully I'll meet my friends Einav and Mayu who are also into JFashion. can't wait to see these cuties ; o ; 

♥This week's casual look:♥
Bag+shoes are from asos

And the finds! This cardigan is heaven and was only 15 Euros. Everything is from Tally Weijl


That's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think <3


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